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Student Testimonials
Teacher is very friendly.
They teach classes very nice.
Date of Posting: 03 Ağustos 2012
Posted By: Sung,Ting-Husan
Jackson Heights
NYLC is awesome!!! Especially Kimberly... you can learn great English.. they have a lot of courses!! It's the best choice to submerge in the NYC culture.
Date of Posting: 31 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Juan Pablo Arenas
Upper West Side
Rapporto qualita' prezzo vantaggiosa soprattutto se si partecipa attivamente alle lezioni! sforzatevi a parlare in inglese in classe anche con gli altri italiani e non siate timidi che tanto si va per imparare!!! Approfittate delle attivtita' !!! Un grazie di cuore ai miei insegnanti Adam e Kelsey !
Date of Posting: 27 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Luca Mastronardo
Hi everybody!<br /><br />
We have been in NYC for 4 weeks. We enjoyed this experience and we would like to come back in the future if we can. It is a good school, we're so happy with our English lessons and the teachers and all the staff are really nice.<br /><br />
We have met a lot of friends and we have visited so many places in New York City. Also we went to Niagara Falls, Washington and Philadelphia, too. It was awesome!<br /><br />
Thanks for everything,<br /><br />
Cristina and Neus
Date of Posting: 27 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Cristina and Neus
We are from Spain!
I am a scholarship student from Spain and I was in the Upper West Side 3 weeks, learning English.
It was a nice experience, I like to be in a class with a lot of beautiful people.
The staff that works here is awesome.
Date of Posting: 27 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Daniel Medrano Trujillo
Upper West Side
I did a 3-weeks course here with a beca and I think it's a really good school from the receptionists to the teachers. And know I have a better english! :D thank you so much!!!
Date of Posting: 27 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Alicia
Upper West Side
My experience in this school has been great. My English is much better and I have known a lot of nice people here!
Date of Posting: 24 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Gertrudis Mera
Upper West Side
I, Steven payan, am an 18-ears old man who despite the fact that was born in the United States, I have lived my whole live in Colombia being that My family took me there when I was 2 years old, as a result, My native language was spanish. I have many goals set up in my life and one of them and perhaps the most important was to come to New York in order to do my major. therefore, I opted for coming to NYLC where people were willing to help me improve my skills and trust myfself in life fields, It has been an amazing experience for me to get the knowledge enough to speak english as a second language. In conclusion, my time in NYLC is over due to the fact i am going to college but I am sure I will do well because I have been studying in a great institution in which my first step has already been achieved as well as someone could have done it.
Date of Posting: 23 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: steven
jackson hights
I do not regret have come to NYLC
llevo algunos meses en esta escuela y se me hace genial el nivel educativo tanto en la forma que los maestros imparten la clase como la amabilidad del personal en especial a Margarita que es la primera persona que uno ve al entrar.
Date of Posting: 22 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Albina
I stayed here for 2 weeks and the classes were so great. The teacher and all the people that work here are wonderful. I really enjoy it!
Date of Posting: 20 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Maria Luisa Gregoletto
Upper West Side
MI nombre es Andrea y estudie en el Upper West Side 3 semanas. Puedo decir con gusto que ha sido una experiencia muy grata rodeada por gente muy agradable 'friendly' and "cheerful'. Me ha servido para mejorar sobretodo mi pronunciacion y me ha encantado la experiencia.
Date of Posting: 20 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Andrea Grau Martinez
Becas Mec 2012, Upper West Side
I had good experience in NYLC.The teachers are nice and kind.I can say that you can also enjoy to study english in NYLC.
Date of Posting: 20 Temmuz 2012
Posted By: Joo-Hyun
Jackson Heights
first time i came in usa i don't everying but i can fine everying in here i can meet good friend and i can impove english for NYLC
NYLC is good for choice if you want to impove english and you can fine is good experience for here

Thank you NYLC
Date of Posting: 22 Haziran 2012
Posted By: vichaya kiangkaew
Jackson Heights
I passed an excellent time in this school, I met great people and teacher. I think my 4 months here, are the best in my life. I hope come back soon. I love this school the teacher are awesome. I improve my English it's a very good experience.
Date of Posting: 21 Haziran 2012
Posted By: Naima Dambury
Switzerland, Midtown
Excelente escuela, mejores profesores y trabajadores.

Mi novia y yo hemos estado asistiendo a NYLC en Midtown durante 8 meses, ha sido una experiencia increible, ya desde Espana nos ayudaron en todo el papeleo, siendo muy cercanos y amables, y que decir al llegar a la escuela, mas de lo mismo, no tenemos mas que agradecer el trato recibido.

Gracias a todo el Staff de NYLC, nos habeis hecho sentir como en casa y siempre nos habeis ayudado con todo!! Gracias en especial a Kassandra, Gina, Vanessa y Robert!!

Gracias a los diferentes profesores que hemos ido teniendo, sois geniales, todos y cada uno de vosotros, en especial Ryan y Kelsey, sois muy grandes!!

Carlos y Maria
Date of Posting: 19 Haziran 2012
Posted By: Carlos Ramon
from Spain, Midtown

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