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Student Testimonials
I had spent 12 weeks in the midtown campus and that was the time was unforgettable. I made a lot of wonderful friends.Time is ticking away and i will never forget these time. I highly recommended it.<br />
<br />
if it is gonna be your first step in nyc, it will be right place.. thanks for everyone..<br />
Date of Posting: 04 Haziran 2012
Posted By: Ahmet Yaman
Photographer, Turkey
I was studying in NYLS for two weeks but I learned a lot of things
grammar and speaking ...New York slang ...Whats up ? Nothing...
I will miss my co-students and teachers.

Thanks a lot

Date of Posting: 06.01.2012
Posted By: Karl Argens
master mechanic/Zuerich Swiss
Date of Posting: 01 Haziran 2012
Posted By: Karl Argens
I am a European, I live in Swisserland
I've been going to this school for 5 months and I loved it. Especailly teacher, thank you Lucy and Mellinda. I wasn't the best student, but I think I learned alot. Thank you again. I'll stop by time to time because I'm going to stay in NYC.
Date of Posting: 01 Haziran 2012
Posted By: Doohyun Shin (as D)
I arrived to NYLC on december the fifth in 2011 and since I got here I've enjoyed every moment. I've taken a lot of different classes with different teachers like Kelsey, James, EJ, Kyla and Jonathan who are excellent people! I've also met Cassandra who helped me and a couple of friends to find tickets to go to Boston. With Kenza we have been recently to the Yankee Stadium to watch a game and it was so funny.
Since I arrive I've learnt a lot and met a lot of great people in the school, so I really recommend this school and I hope I'll see all these people again and really soon !
Date of Posting: 25 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Hector Gonzalez Anaya
I'm going to tell about my experience here that has been so great. I can improve my English and meet a lot of people who are from so many countries.The teachers have been so good and they have done the classes so funny, Kelsey, Ej, Skyler, James you are so great. Also I have visited so many places in New York City and I went to Boston, this was organized by Cassandra, thanks! (:<br />
I was here for 7 months, I will miss all of them.
Date of Posting: 25 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Sara
i want to explain my experience here in this school because was the most awesome experience in my life! the teachers are amazing, specially Ryan whom i learned a lot and his class was so funny! and also i want to say that the girls in the front desk are the best! here i was almost 8 months and i founded a second family! definetly, i like this school and i recommended it at all my friends! hugs and kisses at everyone that works in this school :)
Date of Posting: 25 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Anna Gomez
from Spain, Midtown
Hi, I am Thoeurn, I live in Phnom Penh of Cambodia. I would like to learn English with NYLC. Today i test my capacity by your program in test grammar .
Date of Posting: 19 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Thoeurn Chhon
I want to learn English with NYLC, Phnom Penh
I'm Karla Rosas, I'm from Mexico City and I work in Poza Rica, Ver. I'm a Geophysics Enginner and really enjoyed the school.
My teacher Kelsey is a wonderful teacher, she taught me new words and phrases.It really was a good experience for me, and another thing I met many people, they come from different countries in the world.
I want to congratulate my teacher she is patient and she motivates us in the classes. And I miss my classmates and my teacher, but I need to come back to my work.
Date of Posting: 18 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Karla Rosas
Mexico City, Midtown
I have recently joined the New York Language Center located on Upper West Side but unfortunately I will be leaving the U.S. soon. Since the first day I walked into the school and until this moment I am still amazed by how welcoming and amiable the people here are. The teachers on the other hand are so cool; they engage all the students in different activities and are very helpful. The school is situated in a very nice neighborhood (a 1 minute walking distance to the Subway Station), surrounded by all kinds of stores and supermarkets. Unfortunately, I am going home soon but I would definitely recommend NY Language Center to anyone who would like to learn English in a very fun, educational, and beneficial methods. NYLC was without a doubt the right place for me to improve my English skills and I am definitely sure it is the right place for you! Come and you will find out yourself! :)
Date of Posting: 17 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Hichem M. Mezioud
Student, UWS
I had a really googd experience in NYC languages, I met a lot of people and the teachers were fantastic. The Upper west branch of the school was fantastic all were so helpful and kind, and I really enjoied studying here!!
Date of Posting: 11 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Raffaella
Hi NYLC i have very good exprience at this location i like techers [Greg and Michael] they's agreat teachers..
about the NYLC staff's they are so gentle and friendly specially Emilia & Gloria ,,,we felt like we r at home,,,like family..and i learned allots of things here thanks,,,
Date of Posting: 11 Mayıs 2012
Posted By: Hafiz Salman Ahmed
I was studying here for almost 9 months. This is the best school ever. I`ve always had a great time here. The teachers are very friendly and I made a lot of friends here for all over the world and I love hanging out with them.
Date of Posting: 27 Nisan 2012
Posted By: Bernadett
Soy estudiante de NYLC ha sido una de mis mejores decisions estudiar aqui me ayudo mucho con la pronuniacion y escritura Margarita es muy gentil con Los estudiantes es como un segundo hogar para nosotros . Les recomiendo estudiar aki es una muy buena escuela y tienen horarios de acuerdo a nuestra disponibilad de tiempo...
Date of Posting: 24 Nisan 2012
Posted By: Mayra Bailon
Estudiante de NYLC, West side
I am a friendly guy from guatemala city and i am learning english with the best, I mean NYLC of course.. It's a wonderful experience to be studying at this school.. I've met a lot of people from everywhere, that's why i am very happy and thankful with NYLC for give me the chance to make friends, besides learn an important language as english is.. All the people who work there are pleasant and helpful, "so let's be the best with the best".. God Bless you all!.. Alonzo. 2637 Broadway, NY.
Date of Posting: 21 Nisan 2012
Posted By: Alonzo
I am a friendly guy from Guatemala City, Estados Unidos
what i can said about (NYLC)that is wonderful place where you can learn English and meet nice people...
I made friends from all over the world..
New York Language Center is more than English center it's like a family ..
The teachers are very professional specially (Michael & Caitlen )they's agreat teachers..
about the NYLC staff's they are so gentle and friendly specially Emilia & Gloria ,,,we felt like we r at home,,,like family..
I loved (NYLC)it's really great expirience.
thank you every one i'll never forget you..:)i will miss you !!!!!!
Date of Posting: 19 Nisan 2012
Posted By: kyrillos
jackson heights
i had wonderful time here, i glad i selected this school to improve my inglish... thanks for be so nice with me...
Date of Posting: 13 Nisan 2012
Posted By: Danelba Fiallo
Dominican republic
I was studying in NYLS about a year. I liked very much the stuff of the school, these are Vianay,Bertha and Kimberly, who as the managers of Upper East branch of the school are taken care of everyday life of the students. Jim Shaeffer as an international student adviser in the Headquarters of the School is a very high professional with wide knowledge of rules and documents required for nice studying and staying in New York.
The School comply with the state rules for attendance and process of study for students, which helps the school to gain good reputation locally and internationally.
Among the teachers of the school Melinda Hummel is very professional in teaching English, which speak and use real New Yorkers in every day life. Her lessons are very interesting, effective, quick and even very entertaining.
Date of Posting: 10 Nisan 2012
Posted By: Gulnar Kopes
investment manager, banker
Well I would like to say some interesting words about NYLC:
first the most important thing i got impressed was with the secretaries. What a good personalities, making you feel comfortable giving the information so that why i registered in queens. I like a lot this school because the people here are nice ,sympathetic, friendly and its very interesting studding with people from all over the world, you learn English but new things with them like their languages, their customs and about their country ......i feel comfortable and happy taking classes here in NYLC queens THANKS A LOT.
Date of Posting: 09 Nisan 2012
Posted By: denise pinas
student, jackson hights
I have being studying here for 7monthes, and now I think my conversation skill had improved A LOT!! especially the book has really good balance between grammar and listening.

I will miss my teachers,

Thank You
Date of Posting: 21 Mart 2012
Posted By: myeong yeong son
Jackson Heights
I have been study here for 1 year and a half. It was very good memorable here, I gain many things from here not only a knowledge but also good relationship with friends and teachers especially GREG. I would recommend you guys study here: thanks for everything you guys have done for me
Date of Posting: 16 Mart 2012
Posted By: Aing Wongsamphan
Jackson Height

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