Step 1: Finding the Right English Program For You

Are you a tourist with limited time in New York? Or perhaps you intend to study in an intensive program to get yourself prepared for the TOEFL exam. To determine which program and school location is best for you, it is a good idea to be in touch with an NYLC Student Advisor to guide you through the entire process.

To be assigned to an NYLC advisor, please submit a request information form.

Step 2: Registration

To be considered an enrolled NYLC student, you must submit your application form and pay the Registration fee and Educational Resources fee (initial fees). Upon receiving the application and payment of initial fees, your NYLC Advisor will contact you with a confirmation letter.

If you are applying for an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for F1 Student Visa status, your NYLC Advisor will contact you with further instructions.

If you require housing assistance, once enrolled you are eligible to request a housing application from your NYLC Advisor.

Step 3: Completing Tuition Payments

Full tuition payments are due 14 days prior to your Program Start date.



As always, payments are accepted by credit card, wire transfer, or Pay to Study bank transfers. Please contact your NYLC Advisor to receive a quote.

Saving our students money on fees by paying in their local currency, wire transfers via PayToStudy is our preferred method of payment.



PaytoStudy is our preferred payment method and is designed to help you save money on bank fees. It is a fast and secure way to send payments globally at no or little cost to the payer or the payee by using a simple 3 step process.

Step 1: Once you have submitted your online NYLC registration, you may pay through PayToStudy. The sender registers on the secure PaytoStudy domain and enters their payment details. Your invoice number will be provided to you by email from your NYLC Advisor. If you have registered and do not have an invoice number, please email your advisor. If you do not have an advisor, please email us at and we will assign one to you.

Step 2: The sender receives the exchange rate for that day (valid for 48 hours) and makes payment into the PaytoStudy bank account in their home country and in their local currency.

Step 3: Once funds are received by PaytoStudy, payment is immediately transferred to the receiver’s account from the local PaytoStudy account in their home country.
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