NYLC Online Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice was last updated on October 5, 2023

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Your Privacy Matters at New York Language Center!

Hey there! We care about your privacy, and we want to be totally upfront about how we handle your information at New York Language Center. This page explains everything you need to know in simple terms. By using our website and services, you’re agreeing to our approach. If you’d like to know more, feel free to click on each of the links provided below, to read our more in-depth Privacy Notice.

Types of data we collect

Tell me why

  • School enrollment data
  • Contact details
  • Financial information
  • Data that identifies you
  • Data on how you use the New York Language Center website

How we use your data

How exactly?

  • To provide services
  • To help us improve New York Language Center services
  • To give personalized student support
  • To send you marketing messages (but only if you tell us to)
  • To help you with immigration requirements

Third parties who process your data

What do they do?

The following services help us keep New York Language Center running by storing or processing your data on our behalf:

  • Analytics: Google Analytics.
  • Payments: Square, Paypal, Zelle
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Google
  • Online classes: Google Meet

We use cookies

How can I choose?

  • We use only necessary cookies to run and improve the service
  • You can turn off cookies, but this will mean that we can’t recognize you and we can’t resolve issues as easily

When and how we collect data

Am I included?

  • We collect data from people browsing our website and students of New York Language Center, when
    • You browse any page of our website
    • You receive emails from us
    • You submit a general inquiry or chat with us through WhatsApp for support
    • You opt-in to marketing messages, or request more information

Know your rights

What can I do?

  • Access or delete information we hold on you
  • Opt-out of marketing communications
  • Transfer your data to another service
  • Be forgotten by New York Language Center
  • Complain about us

If you have any concerns about your privacy at New York Language Center, please email us at info@nylanguagecenter.com.

Read the full Privacy Notice here.