Below are some useful resources for arranging insurance for different lengths of stay. The staff of NYLC would be glad to offer assistance in any way we can. Just call or e-mail us if you need help arranging insurance.

New York Language Center strongly encourages that all students have health (medical) insurance. The consequences and risks of getting sick or injured in the U.S. without health insurance are severe. If you are an international F-1 student,  you may qualify for Health Insurance with our partner, Kimber Health. .


If you are a New York City resident, you may qualify for Health insurance based on income requirements.


International Insurance

For coverage in the USA, the Student Secure plan is offered for F1 students starting at $65 per month, and the Atlas America plan is offered for tourists starting at $60 per month. To find these plans and to obtain further information please visit their web site or contact the international office to receive a brochure and application form.
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