New York Language Center’s mission is to provide high quality English classes to international students and immigrant New Yorkers. We require minimum admission documentation and offer English classes to serve students of different levels and with different objectives.  The part time program, weekend and evening classes are designed to fit the needs of immigrant New Yorkers who have scheduling and financial constraints, whereas the Semi-Intensive and Intensive programs cater toward the needs of international students and are open to any student needing English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Our mission is to provide high quality instruction to all of these populations.

New York Language Center accepts students regardless of their nationality, gender, and English proficiency levels. Students under 18 years old may be admitted, provided that they are enrolled with the approval of a parent or guardian (must be 12 or older to be eligible for an I-20, based on consultation with the parent or guardian). Because NYLC provides programs for all levels from basic to advanced and specialized classes for advanced English learners, the majority of students can be accommodated in a course at their level. If they cannot be accommodated, they are given an appropriate referral. This referral may be to one of our other branches. A near native speaker or someone with literacy issues would be referred to an outside program that fits their needs.

The average number of students in class is from 12 to 18 at NYLC-Manhattan and NYLC-Jackson Heights.  Students with different genders, ages, and nationalities study together in the same class if they have similar English proficiency levels based on their placement test.

The International Student Team handles international admissions.  The staff recruits new students and assists them registering at NYLC and navigating the visa process (if overseas), or the transfer process if they are in the United States.  The DSOs and PDSO can advise students with changing status to F1 or reinstatements. These students must have legal counsel.  Once a student is registered, the staff assist the student with any pre-departure or pre-arrival questions. The school requires that all personnel, especially admissions personnel, adhere to its code of ethical practices. The school does not pay commission to its admissions personnel.

Students who will benefit from an English as a Second Language Program can apply for any NYLC program (Part-time, Semi-Intensive, Intensive programs, private instruction) regardless of their nationality, gender, or English proficiency level.

It is the policy of New York Language Center to provide equal educational opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) or weight and to maintain an environment free of harassment on the basis of any of these grounds, including sexual harassment or retaliation, who meet the admissions requirements and who are otherwise qualified based upon available space and available levels.

A completed application form, enrollment fee, and placement exam are required (placement exam by the first day of class or sooner). If a student requests an I-20 certificate form for F1 visa or F1 status, the student is required to register for o the Intensive program (20 hours per week). A student should be 17 or older except during school vacations when the minimum age is 12 with parental or guardian permission. Students 12 to 16 years old are accommodated in one of two ways with parental or guardian permission; (i) in special group programs 12-16 year olds are taught in separate classes from the general student body or (ii) 12-16 year olds can take any program in consultation with the parent or guardian. Private lessons can be arranged for students of any age.

Educational program Admissions policies
Intensive English Program (ILP) of 20 hours per week

Students must meet the general NYLC admission requirements and age requirements as described .Students requesting an I-20 for the F1 visa or F1 status must be bona-fide ESL students, must register for the Intensive program, and must provide proof of financial support as required and other documents such as copy of passport, previous I-20s if transferring from another school, or other documents as advised by a DSO.. As per the NYLC policy, those students who are advised that they are not eligible for an I-20 at an English language program are still eligible to apply for admission to any NYLC program without F1 status provided they are in need of English instruction. The I-17 form filed with the U.S. government authorizes NYLC to issue I-20s to students aged 12 and older, and these students may study with us if they meet the requirements listed, for 12 to 16 year old students.

ESL/EFL Semi-Intensive Program of 16 hours per week

Student must meet the general NYLC admission and age requirements as listed. The Semi-Intensive Language Program is suitable for tourists and residents.

ESL/EFL Part Time Program of 4, 8, 10 or 12 hours per week

Student must meet the general NYLC admission requirements and age requirements as listed. Students who want to study according to the schedules offered choose this program.

Private Lessons Students can be any age. If a minor, permission of parent or guardian is needed.

All students are given a level placement exam before starting classes. The placement exam includes grammar, reading comprehension, writing and an interview. The content of the placement exam corresponds with the learner outcomes of our curriculum to ensure that students can be placed accurately in the course which best suits his or her English proficiency level and objectives. During the oral interview, the student is assigned a recommended course and all options are explained. Students are given the opportunity to observe a class before deciding whether or not to enroll in that particular class. If a student feels he/she cannot benefit from the course, the student can request a course change.