The NYLC English Language Assessment by GECS, is a test for students learning English as a Second Language, and that are seeking certification to prove their proficiency.

The exam assesses the candidate’s understanding of written and spoken English and grades students according to their skills, abilities and competencies.  According to the score they achieve they are granted the equivalent certificate that ranges from B1-C2 levels of competency The NYLC English Language Assessment by GECS follows the standards of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) – Council of Europe. It is recognized by ASEP (the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) in Greece and it is promoted worldwide.

Upon satisfactory completion, NYLC will issue a certificate which can be used for academic purposes and in the candidates’ workplace as proof of their level of knowledge in the English language.  

For information on The NYLC Certificate – The Official Assessment by GECS, please contact GECS ( Global Educational and Cultural Services) by emailing: