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Business English

The Business English courses at New York Language Center teach the skills necessary to do well in the workplace.  Students engage in telephone conversations, meetings, and negotiations.  They practice the vocabulary and expressions used in these business situations.  They also learn how to interact with colleagues and clients through dialogues and role plays that focus on English, the target language.  The class includes group work involving case studies where students discuss company issues and brainstorm for solutions.  The course is structured to help learners put English to use in the workplace.

Explore New York City an ESL writing course

This course reviews basic English skills needed for proper spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and writing. It offers brief, clear explanations and a myriad of exercises in which students can practice what they have learned, receive feedback and apply it to their writing. Moreover, students go on excursions throughout New York and write about their experiences.

TOEFL Preparation & Pre-TOEFL Preparation

Students who are planning to attend college in the United States or need a TOEFL test score as a job requirements are encouraged to take our TOEFL Preparation Program.  Depending upon your level of English and prior preparation our program can help you achieve a good score on your TOEFL iBT test. New York Language Center students have in the past been accepted to NY University, Columbia University, Juilliard School of Music, Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Visual Arts, New School, and the campuses of City University New York.  Individual results depend on you!

Students must be at Upper Intermediate level to enter Pre-TOEFL and a Post Advanced level of English to begin the program.  An entrance test will be given to students joining the school for the first time.

The program begins with a developmental skills class and serves as a comprehensive and stimulating review class.  While focusing on grammar, it promotes the improvement of all language skills.