Learn, Participate, Grow.

As a student at NYLC, not only will you improve your English in an exciting multi-cultural environment where you feel supported, you experience situations where some of your perceptions are challenged. And this is what we strive to be; a space where you feel at home to learn a common language to keep conversations moving forward. Learn, participate, and grow. Join us, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Meet Camila from Bolivia!

Camila was 18 years old when she came to New York City and left her country without her family for the first time. Listen to her story and see how she built confidence for living in New York City on her own!

Meet Olesia from Ukraine!

Getting to Know Our Students- Meet the lovely Olesia Stefanko from Ukraine!

Meet Marco & Vincenzo from Italy!

Getting to Know Our Students- Marco and Vincenzo studied at NYLC in 2015. They were University buddies in Italy and decided to come to New York for a lifetime experience! Watch their story and hear their

Meet Reina Akiyama from Japan!

Getting to Know Our Students- Reina knew that English is the language of the world and decided that New York City would be the best destination for her to pursue her studies.

Meet Albane from France!

Getting to Know Our Students- Albane was only 19-years old when she first arrived to NYLC to study English. See why she decided that New York was the choice city for her to pursue her dreams!


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Manhattan - Midtown
Manhattan - Upper West Side
Jackson Heights, Queens
The Bronx
Jackson Heights, Queens
Excellent school!!! I have been a whole year here and it was an amazing experience. I studied with people from many different country%u2019s and I improved my English school really fast.
posted on Jan 29, 2020
Jeanne Ngoma
Manhattan - Upper West Side
I truly had a great experience at NYLC. I have been there for 3 months, and my English improved even more. I have met very nice people whom I am going to remember all my life. Classes are really interesting and fun. Teachers and staff are so kind and always ready to assist students. Thank you all!
posted on Dec 5, 2019
Nwamaka Anaekwe
Manhattan - Upper West Side
New york Language Centre is the best there in New york. I have spent only four months and i am already good with my tenses and vocabulary. Thanks to all the great teachers that are natural English speakers and qualified teachers. did i forget to mention all the loving administrative staff that work tirelessly to give value for our money.
posted on Sep 19, 2019
Manhattan - Upper West Side
I wish to express my gratefulness and appreciation to the faculty and staff in the Upper West Side campus and namely to the faculty director Anna and to the academic coordinator Eve. They provided great care and help to my daughter and son aged 8 and 12 and to my sons cousin aged 15 who were attending semi intensive classes during this summer for 4 weeks in different levels between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. They were not quite typical students as far as their age is concerned but due to a friendly and kindly atmosphere everything was absolutely perfect for all 3 of them and they left back home to the Czech Republic with quite a great experience not only as far as English itself was concerned. I am sure they are back next summer again to learn and meet nice people. Thank you guys!
posted on Aug 30, 2019
Li Zining
Manhattan - Midtown
I already have studied here for 4 weeks. The class is really helpful to improve my English skills. I have a lot of opportunities to talk with classmates and teachers. The TOEFL class is amazing. Students can learn varied topics which would be tested in the real test. Our teacher has multiple ways can train your skills. You can be more confidence about your English after a few weeks. In addition, it is really a good price for everyone. It is not expensive and a lot of professional teachers are working here.
posted on Aug 16, 2019
Dina and Almagul
Manhattan - Upper West Side
We studied at this school for 6 weeks. The teachers are highly professional. Ladies at the front-desk are always ready to help. Special thanks to supervisor Eve who is always trying to find a best solution in any situation. It was a great experience. We've improved our English skills and met great and interesting people. Thank you very much
posted on Aug 12, 2019
Manhattan - Midtown
I've spent around 6 months in this school. I went there to improve my English. I'm from Spain and it's a long distance from my country just to study and improve my English, but thankfully I did it and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I was in level post advance with the best teacher I've ever had in my life (and I had a lot) Paras Ghelani. What an experience, he made me love English even more, the classes were fantastic, every day was different and I learned things I thought it would take me years to learn it. Thank you Paras, a lot. And thank you NYLC.
posted on May 7, 2019
Kiana Guznay
Manhattan - Upper West Side
NYLC was a great experience! The teachers and classmates make this learning English process more easier to me. I definitely recommend the academy for improve your english skills and you will not regret of the time spend in here.
posted on Mar 7, 2019
malaz mohamed esa abdalla
Manhattan - Midtown
Hi ,thank you for this program and I go to be better in inglish
posted on Jan 1, 2019
Oumou Diallo
Manhattan - Midtown
i really apppreciate the school the teachers were nice and the school even helps me applying for a college it was a great experience and i improve my English as well especially for speaking.I recommend the school .
posted on Dec 28, 2018
Manhattan - Upper West Side
Estuve s?lo un mes en la escuela pero la experiencia fue muy buena. El profesor que me toc?, Logan, muy bueno, las clases muy interesante y mi ingl?s mejor? bastante. El personal en la recepci?n es muy agradable. Recomiendo totalmente esta escuela.
posted on Nov 25, 2018
Jackson Heights, Queens
I enjoyed my classes and the experiences to meet other people from all over the world. Thomas
posted on Nov 15, 2018
Manhattan - Upper West Side
NYLC was great chance for me to meet diverse friends and make good memories. There are interesting classes for people who want to learn English, which helps you to motivate study harder. Also, atmosphere is very clean and easy access to transportation. So, you can enjoy New York with NYLC.
posted on Sep 21, 2018
Virginia Buccellato
Manhattan - Upper West Side
I went to NYLC Upper West Side and I followed the semi-intensive course. I highly recommend this school because it offers a good relationship between quality and price. My teachers, AJ and Ivan, were very good and they always put me to my ease. The staff is very friendly and available to help you for any problem. The school is in a good position, close to the subway.
posted on Sep 14, 2018
Manhattan - Upper West Side
I have a very good time here.After studying here for about three months,i have improved my English a lot.I also have great clssmates too.We got along very well.Teacher Michael is GREAT.He helped me a lot.
posted on Aug 2, 2018
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